20th Ogden Scout Group


The 20th Ogden Group was started in the fall of 1928. As far as we can determine, it's been in continous operation since then. We are now entering our 85th year.

There is a book titled Ogden Whistle: A History of Millican, Ogden Flats, Maryland, Valleyfield, Bonnybrook, South Hill, Cepeear, Lynwood, Lynwood Ridge, River Glen, Crestwood, CPR Ogden Shops. Calgary: Ogden Area History Committee, 1975. Call number 971.2338 OGD (Local History & Circulating).

Authored and published by the Ogden Area History Committee. It contains some history of Ogden and the surrounding area. It also contains some information about the history of the 20th Ogden Scout Group by Jack Firmston.

History of the 20th Ogden Scout Group and Scout Hall by Mrs. Lillian Davies, 1991